Lithuania and China to Cooperate on Fintech Activities

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Lithuania is one of the countries in which financial technology is an emerging industry. This is one of the reasons why it attracts many investors seeking to enter the market as early as possible and become pioneers in the fintech sector in Lithuania. In order to support fintech activities, Lithuanian government representatives attended a conference dedicated to financial technologies in Central and Eastern European countries. Our company formation agents in Lithuania can help foreign entrepreneurs who want to set up fintech businesses.

Vilnius to host a fintech conference in 2019

The conference attended by the minister of finance in Lithuania had as the main event a meeting with Chinese government representatives. During the meeting, Lithuanian and Chinese representatives have established good connections and agreed upon the creation of a fintech conference in Vilnius in 2019.

The representatives of both countries have also agreed upon the establishment of deeper relations on fintech activities, especially when considering the access to the largest consumer market in the world that Lithuanian companies would have. The first step will be the creation of a financial technology coordination center in Vilnius.

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Lithuania and China to promote financial technologies

During the meeting, the Lithuanian and Chinese officials have agreed on the fact that they have several interests in common. Among these are the creation of an appealing environment for innovation in the financial industry, and also the support offered by both countries to innovative companies.

For Lithuania, the opening of the fintech center will raise awareness of industry players in Europe, but it will also have a positive impact on the economy by creating new jobs. Moreover, the economic relations with China are expected to improve significantly, as an exchange of knowledge on innovation will be the key to a better cooperation in other sectors too, among them being tourism and e-trading.

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