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Buy Shelf Company in Lithuania

Updated on Friday 22nd January 2021

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Buy-shelf-company-in-Lithuania.jpgThere are several ways in which foreign enterprisers can open companies in Lithuania. Two of the most popular are the registration of a new company and the purchase of a ready-made company, also known as a shelf company. There is also the possibility of buying shares in an existing Lithuanian company, however the procedure is more complicated and requires more resources.

Below, our company formation agents in Lithuania explain why you should choose a shelf company.

Types of companies in Lithuania

The Commercial Code provides for several types of companies in Lithuania. These are:

  • - the sole trader and the partnership which are the simplest business forms available in this country;
  • - the individual enterprise;
  • - the private and public limited liability company;
  • - branch offices, subsidiaries and representative offices which are available for foreign companies seeking to expand their operations in Lithuania.

Among these, the shelf company can take the form of limited liability companies in Lithuania.

Those who want to buy a Lithuanian ready-made company should know that these come with:

  • - incorporation documents;
  • - VAT number;
  • - bank account;
  • - registered address.

This is also the reason why they are called ready-made companies.

Our Lithuanian company formation consultants can help you choose the right type of shelf company.

How to buy a shelf company in Lithuania

The company due diligence is the first step when deciding to buy a shelf company in Lithuania. Once the process is completed, the sale-purchase agreement can be signed and the transfer of ownership can be registered with the Trade Registrar in Lithuania.

The new owner of the company has the right to bring several changes to the shelf company, among which:

  • - the name of the shareholders;
  • - the appointment of new directors and managers;
  • - the registered address.

With respect to the registered address of a shelf company, we offer advantageous virtual office packages in Lithuania.

These changes must be announced with the Trade Register.

If you are interested in buying a shelf company and need assistance, do not hesitate to contact our company registration specialists in Lithuania. We can also help you register a new company in Lithuania.



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