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Company Formation in Vilnius

Updated on Friday 22nd January 2021

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Company-Formation-in-VilniusThe procedure of starting a business in Lithuania has been simplified a lot during the last few years as the government has made great progress in offering digital solutions to those interested in operating as quickly as possible.

There are many cities in which foreign investors can open companies in Lithuania, however, Vilnius remains one of the most popular destinations in the country. Foreign entrepreneurs who want to set up companies in Vilnius can rely on full company formation services offered by our specialists in Lithuania.

Types of companies which can be set up in Vilnius

One of the greatest benefits of opening a company in Lithuania as a foreign investor is acquiring the same rights as local investors. The Company Law in Lithuania provides for the same types of business forms to be registered by both local and foreign entrepreneurs.

If you are interested in company registration in Vilnius, here is an overview of the types of structures available:

  1.           the sole trader which can be set up by single investors based on a Lithuanian residence permit;
  2.           the private limited liability company which is suitable for any type of IT activity in Vilnius;
  3.           the public company which is suitable for large operations related to the financial sector, for example;
  4.           the partnership which can be set up in association with a Lithuanian citizen and which is suitable for various activities in the medical or accounting fields.

Our Lithuanian company formation experts can offer detailed information on all the types of business forms available for foreign investors interested in doing business in Vilnius.

Requirements related to registering a company in Vilnius

Those who want to open companies in Vilnius must comply with a few requirements, among which:

  • -          they must prepare a set of documents which need to be filed with the Trade Register;
  • -          they must select a trade name for the company and reserve it with the same Trade Register;
  • -          they must have their personal identification papers translated and authenticated if they are foreign citizens;
  • -          they must register the company with the Companies Registrar, tax office and social security agency in Vilnius.

In detail, the future business owner must prepare the company’s Articles of Association which require drafting and notarization. He or she must open the corporate bank account for the company in which the share capital will be deposited.

The most employed business form in Vilnius is the private limited liability company which requires a minimum share capital of 2,500 euros which must be paid fully when registering the business. However, business owners have the option of issuing a higher share capital, a case in which only 25% of the amount must be deposited.

We remind investors that they can also set up branch offices and subsidiaries if they represent foreign companies seeking to operate in Vilnius. Our company registration agents in Lithuania can help with the establishment of such business forms in Vilnius.

Why open a company in Vilnius?

Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania and it is one of the most developed cities in the countries. With one of the youngest workforces in Europe which is mainly concentrated in Vilnius, Lithuania attracts a great number of foreign entrepreneurs.

At a regional level, Vilnius is one of the most important financial centers in the Baltic region as it has one of the best internet infrastructures which can accommodate modern facilities for banking institutions.

The good news for foreign investors is that the Lithuanian government is currently working on a law under which the creation of a company by using a virtual office as a company address will be possible in the near future. This will significantly reduce the start-up costs of a company and will make Vilnius and Lithuania even more appealing than before.

Company registration services in Lithuania

With a vast experience in offering personalized company formation services across Lithuania, including in Vilnius, our local representatives can help you set up a business in the capital city of this country in the shortest time possible.

All you need to do is to send us your personal information and grant us a power of attorney to handle to the company formation procedure with the Trade Register in Vilnius on your behalf. Apart from the company registration services, we also offer virtual office services at very competitive rates, as well as accounting services for your company in Vilnius.

Do not hesitate to contact us and tell us about your plans of doing business in Lithuania, including in Vilnius. We can help you with specialized and customized company formation services in Vilnius and the entire country.

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As our client, you will beneficiate from the joint expertize of local lawyers and international consultants. Together we will be able to offer you the specialized help you require for your business start-up in Lithuania.

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