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Open a Recruitment Company in Lithuania

Updated on Friday 22nd January 2021

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Open-a-recruitment-company-in-Lithuania.jpgForeign investors who want to open companies in Lithuania have several choices when it comes to the industries they can operate in. Among these industries, the human resources sector is quite prolific in Lithuania and the requirements for creating employment agencies are not very stringent.

With a young and talented workforce, Lithuania is one of the most appealing European countries to open a company in and setting up a business for offering labor force to other companies can be a very good business idea.

Below, our company formation agents in Lithuania explain how to create an employment company in this country.

Registering an employment agency in Lithuania

There are no specific requirements related to opening a staffing company in Lithuania, however, the business must carry out its operations through a legal entity. From this point of view, the limited liability company is the most suitable business form.

Our local consultants can help with the company registration procedure for starting an employment agency in Lithuania.

Services offered by employment companies in Lithuania

The range of services offered by recruitment agencies in Lithuania can depend on the size of the company and can include:

  • -          finding candidates and matching them with potential employers in Lithuania;
  • -          offering career orientation services to Lithuanian citizens or foreigners entering the country;
  • -          finding jobs for people submitting their resumes with the employment agency;
  • -          offering human resources services for companies interested in outsourcing this department.

Foreign investors can set up traditional or online employment companies in Lithuania.

Why open a recruitment agency in Lithuania?

Foreign entrepreneurs who want to operate on the Lithuanian market do not need to comply with specific requirements for starting a staffing agency. Also, this type of business does not require a large amount of money to get started.

The employment company can also represent a great idea for bringing foreign employees into Lithuania or sending local employees outside the country.

If you are interested in starting an employment company and need guidance, please feel free to contact our Lithuanian company formation representatives.

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