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Register a Trademark in Lithuania

Updated on Friday 22nd January 2021

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Register-a-trademark-in-Lithuania.jpgTrademark registration is one of the newest trends among business owners all over the world. The same happens in Lithuania, as local and foreign entrepreneurs who open companies here will usually have a representation of their brands which will help their clients to distinguish their favorite products and services from others.

Trademark registration in Lithuania falls under the Law on Trade Marks which was enabled in 2000 and enacted in 2001. Our Lithuanian company formation consultants can offer information on the legislation related to intellectual property, including trademark registration.

Types of trademarks in Lithuania

Apart from the local laws which allow both natural persons and companies in Lithuania to register their trademarks with the State Patent Bureau, the country is also a signatory member of several international agreements, among which the Nice Convention and the Vienna Agreement.

Under the local and international laws, the following types of trademark can be registered in Lithuania:

  • - single-class trademarks;
  • - multiple-class trademarks;
  • - international trademarks;
  • - community trademarks.

All trademarks applications will be filed with the State Patent Bureau in Lithuania.

Filing a trademark registration application in Lithuania

Individuals or companies seeking to register trademarks in Lithuania must file the following documents with the State Patent Bureau:

  • - an application form which must be signed by the applicant;
  • - the receipt indicating the payment of the registration fee;
  • - a power of attorney, if the application is submitted by proxy.

The power of attorney is usually used by Lithuanian companies which must appoint a representative to complete the process.

Our company registration agents in Lithuania can help companies with the registration of trademarks.

Renewal of trademarks in Lithuania

A Lithuanian trademark has a 10-year validity period and can be renewed upon expiry by filing a renewal application with the Lithuanian State Patent Bureau. An important aspect to be considered that the trademark can be revoked if it has not been used for 5 consecutive years.

For full information or assistance in registering a trademark, please contact our company formation advisors in Lithuania.


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