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Open a Consulting Company in Lithuania

Updated on Friday 22nd January 2021

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Open-a-Consulting-Company-in-Lithuania.jpgStarting a business in Lithuania is easy for foreign investors as long as they respect the requirements of the Company Law and the authorities in charge of issuing specific licenses for activities which need further regulations. This is also the case when opening a consulting company in Lithuania. However, not all consulting companies are subject to additional licensing procedures.

Below, our company formation agents in Lithuania explain the process of starting a consulting business in this country.

Company registration steps for a consulting business in Lithuania

Consulting companies in Lithuania can operate as traditional companies or as online businesses, however, it is advisable to have a physical office in order to meet with clients. Once the creation of the consulting company is established, the foreign investor must:

  • -          draft a business plan which clearly defines the goals of the company;
  • -          finding a suitable location which can be easier to reach – a business center in Lithuania can be a good start;
  • -          registering the company with the Companies Register in Lithuania and with the tax authorities;
  • -          applying for the necessary business licenses, if the case requires it.

A consulting company in Lithuania can offer various types of services. Among the most common types of consulting businesses set up in this country are accounting firms, digital marketing companies, IT companies and financial advisory companies.

Our Lithuanian company formation representatives can help foreign investors in registering such business here.

Specific licenses for consulting companies in Lithuania

As mentioned above, not all consulting companies require specific licenses. IT companies, digital marketing businesses, and software companies, for example, are subject to very relaxed regulations and the experience of the business can be more relevant.

In the case of financial and accounting companies, on the other hand, licenses from the National Bank or the Financial Supervisory Authority will be necessary.

In order to find out what the exact requirements for starting a consulting company are, we invite you to contact our company registration advisors in Lithuania. We can also help with the incorporation of the company.

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