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Start a Travel Agency in Lithuania

Updated on Friday 22nd January 2021

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Start-a-Travel-Agency-in-LithuaniaThose who want to open companies in Lithuania will benefit from a quick and simple company formation procedure. These benefits are available for both local and foreign investors coming to Lithuania with the purpose of starting a business.

With respect to the Lithuanian industries in which foreign investors can operate without any restrictions are tourism, food and beverages, and manufacturing. Among these, those who want to set up businesses in tourism have several choices. One of the most common businesses related to tourism is the travel agency in Lithuania.

Our company registration experts in Lithuania explain below the conditions related to starting a travel agency here. We can also help with the procedure of registering a travel agency in Lithuania.

The Tourism Act in Lithuania

The main law which governs the opening and operating of a travel agency in Lithuania is the Tourism Act which provides for several definitions and requirements which need to be fulfilled by those who want to open such companies.

Those who want to operate as tour operators in Lithuania will need to respect the legislation in this sense which provides for two main categories of tourism services providers: natural persons registered with the local authorities and companies registered with the Companies Registrar in Lithuania.

Our Lithuanian company formation consultants can help with the incorporation of a company with the purpose of setting up a travel agency.

How to register a company for offering tourism services in Lithuania

The establishment of a travel agency in Lithuania must start with the registration of a company or sole proprietorship under the requirements of the Company Law. This requirement is also stipulated by the Tourism Act which will only acknowledge companies applying for the necessary licenses if they are registered with the Trade Register under the provisions of this law.

In order to register a travel agency in Lithuania, a foreign investor must:

  1. -          prepare the statutory documents of the company which need to have as the main object of activity tourism;
  2. -          file the documents with the Companies Register and obtain the certificate of registration;
  3. -          the sole trader must only file an application through which it is recognized as a small business;
  4. -          the company must obtain a license with the State Department of Tourism, while the sole trader must register with the local authorities.

No matter the chosen business form, it necessary for the manager of the travel agency to have a minimum qualification which consists in college-level education and at least 2 or 3 years of experience as a travel agent.

Once the chosen type of company is registered, the travel agency must also register with the Registrar of Tourist Services and be issued a certificate of travel agency or tour operator.

Our company registration agents in Lithuania can explain the requirements related to setting up a travel agency.

Services to be offered by travel agencies in Lithuania

No matter if the Lithuanian travel agency is created by a local or foreign investor, it can offer the following services:

  • -          the organization and sale of tours and vacations in and outside Lithuania;
  • -          planning and advertising tourism packages for inbound or outbound tours and vacations;
  • -          the lease of transportation means and the sale of various travel tickets to clients;
  • -          entering into contracts with other tour operators to which it sells or from which it buys tours and vacations;
  • -          the organization of various fairs, events, and conferences related to the tourism industry.

If you want to open a company in Lithuania and decided on a travel agency, you can rely on our local consultants for complete guidance and assistance.

Obligations of travel agencies in Lithuania

It is important to note that the sale of tour packages, vacations or tickets can be completed only based on a contract signed by the representative of the Lithuanian travel agency and the client. This is called a tour travel contract and must contain the following:

  • -          information about the client;
  • -          information about the trip, which must include the departure date, the location, the duration of the trip or vacation, other conditions;
  • -          the services included in the tourism package;
  • -          the cost and the payment method for the trip;
  • -          the date the contract was signed at.

Tour travel contracts in Lithuania have a standard form which is approved by the State Department of Tourism.

If you want to open a travel agency in Lithuania and need information or assistance, please contact us. Our company formation representatives in Lithuania can also help you set up businesses in other industries.


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